Understanding the CheCluster Custom Resource

A default deployment of Che consists of a CheCluster Custom Resource parameterized by the Eclipse Che Operator.

The CheCluster Custom Resource is a Kubernetes object. You can configure it by editing the CheCluster Custom Resource YAML file. This file contains sections to configure each component: devWorkspace, cheServer, pluginRegistry, devfileRegistry, dashboard and imagePuller.

The Eclipse Che Operator translates the CheCluster Custom Resource into a config map usable by each component of the Che installation.

The Kubernetes platform applies the configuration to each component, and creates the necessary Pods. When Kubernetes detects changes in the configuration of a component, it restarts the Pods accordingly.

Example 1. Configuring the main properties of the Che server component
  1. Apply the CheCluster Custom Resource YAML file with suitable modifications in the cheServer component section.

  2. The Operator generates the che ConfigMap.

  3. Kubernetes detects changes in the ConfigMap and triggers a restart of the Che Pod.