Using chectl to configure the CheCluster Custom Resource during installation

To deploy Che with a suitable configuration, edit the CheCluster Custom Resource YAML file during the installation of Che. Otherwise, the Che deployment uses the default configuration parameterized by the Operator.

  • Create a che-operator-cr-patch.yaml YAML file that contains the subset of the CheCluster Custom Resource to configure:

          <property_to_configure>: <value>
  • Deploy Che and apply the changes described in che-operator-cr-patch.yaml file:

    $ chectl server:deploy \
    --che-operator-cr-patch-yaml=che-operator-cr-patch.yaml \
    --platform <chosen_platform>
  1. Verify the value of the configured property:

    $ oc get configmap che -o jsonpath='{.data.<configured_property>}' \
    -n eclipse-che