Enabling fuse-overlayfs with a Configmap

You can define the storage driver for Podman and Buildah in the ~/.config/containers/storage.conf file. Here are the default contents of the /home/user/.config/containers/storage.conf file in the UDI container:

driver = "vfs"

To use fuse-overlayfs, storage.conf can be set to the following:

driver = "overlay"

mount_program="/usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs" (1)
1 The absolute path to the fuse-overlayfs binary. The /usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs path is the default for the UDI.

You can do this manually after starting a workspace. Another option is to build a new image based on the UDI with changes to storage.conf and use the new image for workspaces.

Otherwise, you can update the /home/user/.config/containers/storage.conf for all workspaces in your namespace by creating a ConfigMap that mounts the updated file. See Mounting ConfigMaps.


Since ConfigMaps mounted by following this guide mounts the ConfigMap’s data to all workspaces, following this procedure will set the storage driver to fuse-overlayfs for all workspaces. Ensure that your workspaces contain the required annotations to use fuse-overlayfs by following Accessing /dev/fuse from a workspace.

  1. Apply a ConfigMap that mounts a /home/user/.config/containers/storage.conf file in your namespace.

    kind: ConfigMap
    apiVersion: v1
      name: fuse-overlay
        controller.devfile.io/mount-to-devworkspace: 'true'
        controller.devfile.io/watch-configmap: 'true'
        controller.devfile.io/mount-as: file
        controller.devfile.io/mount-path: /home/user/.config/containers
      storage.conf: |
        driver = "overlay"
Verification steps
  1. Start the workspace containing the required annotations and verify that the storage driver is overlay.

    $ podman info | grep overlay

    Example output:

    graphDriverName: overlay
        Executable: /usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs
        Package: fuse-overlayfs-1.12-1.module+el8.9.0+20326+387084d0.x86_64
          fuse-overlayfs: version 1.12
      Backing Filesystem: overlayfs