Upgrading Che using the CLI management tool

This section describes how to upgrade from the previous minor version using the CLI management tool.

  • An administrative account on Kubernetes or OpenShift.

  • A running instance of a previous minor version of Che, installed using the CLI management tool on the same instance of Kubernetes or OpenShift, in the eclipse-che Kubernetes namespace or OpenShift project.

  • chectl for Che version 7.83. See: Installing the chectl management tool.

  1. Save and push changes back to the Git repositories for all running Che previous minor version workspaces.

  2. Shut down all workspaces in the Che previous minor version instance.

  3. Upgrade Che:

    $ chectl server:update -n eclipse-che

    For slow systems or internet connections, add the --k8spodwaittimeout=1800000 flag option to extend the Pod timeout period to 1800000 ms or longer.

Verification steps
  1. Navigate to the Che instance.

  2. The 7.83 version number is visible at the bottom of the page.