Installing Che on OpenShift using the web console

If you have trouble installing Che on the command line, you can install it through the OpenShift web console.

  1. In the Administrator view of the OpenShift web console, go to OperatorsOperatorHub and search for Eclipse Che.

  2. Install the Eclipse Che Operator.

    The Eclipse Che Operator depends on the DevWorkspace Operator. If you install the Eclipse Che Operator manually to a non-default namespace, ensure that the DevWorkspace Operator is also installed in the same namespace. This is required as the Operator Lifecycle Manager will attempt to install the DevWorkspace Operator as a dependency within the Eclipse Che Operator namespace, potentially resulting in two conflicting installations of the DevWorkspace Operator if the latter is installed in a different namespace.
If you want to onboard Web Terminal Operator on the cluster make sure to use the same installation namespace as Eclipse Che Operator since both depend on DevWorkspace Operator. Web Terminal Operator, Eclipse Che Operator, and DevWorkspace Operator must be installed in the same namespace.
  1. Create the eclipse-che project in OpenShift as follows:

    oc create namespace eclipse-che
  2. Go to OperatorsInstalled OperatorsEclipse Che instance SpecificationCreate CheClusterYAML view.

  3. In the YAML view, replace namespace: openshift-operators with namespace: eclipse-che.

  4. Select Create.


  1. In Eclipse Che instance Specification, go to eclipse-che, landing on the Details tab.

  1. Under Message, check that there is None, which means no errors.

  2. Under Eclipse Che URL, wait until the URL of the Che instance appears, and then open the URL to check the Che dashboard.

  3. In the Resources tab, view the resources for the Che deployment and their status.