Installing Che on Red Hat OpenShift Local

You can create a single-node OpenShift cluster for deploying a Che instance using Red Hat OpenShift Local.

  1. Remove the previous cluster:

    $ crc delete
  2. Configure your host machine for Red Hat OpenShift Local:

    $ crc setup
  3. Start the Red Hat OpenShift Local virtual machine with at least 12 GB of memory and 64 GB of disk space. Also, specify the path to your pull secret and take note of the password for the kubeadmin user displayed at the end of the Red Hat OpenShift Local initiation:

    $ crc start --memory 12288 --disk-size=64 --pull-secret-file <pull_secret_file>
  4. Enable access to the oc command line interface embedded in Red Hat OpenShift Local:

    $ eval $(crc oc-env)
  5. Install the Che instance using chectl:

    $ chectl server:deploy --platform crc
Verification steps
  1. Verify the Che instance status:

    $ chectl server:status
  2. Navigate to the Che cluster instance:

    $ chectl dashboard:open