User workspaces

User workspaces interactions with other components
Figure 1. User workspaces interactions with other components

User workspaces are web IDEs running in containers.

A User workspace is a web application. It consists of microservices running in containers providing all the services of a modern IDE running in your browser:

  • Editor

  • Language auto-completion

  • Language server

  • Debugging tools

  • Plug-ins

  • Application runtimes

A workspace is one Kubernetes Deployment containing the workspace containers and enabled plugins, plus related Kubernetes components:

  • Containers

  • ConfigMaps

  • Services

  • Endpoints

  • Ingresses or Routes

  • Secrets

  • Persistent Volumes (PV)

A Che workspace contains the source code of the projects, persisted in a Kubernetes or OpenShift Persistent Volume (PV). Microservices have read/write access to this shared directory.

Use the devfile v2 format to specify the tools and runtime applications of a Che workspace.

The following diagram shows one running Che workspace and its components.

Workspace components
Figure 2. Che workspace components

In the diagram, there is one running workspaces.