Add-on developement using mature, tried and tested, methods

Creating an add-on for a RegPlatform follows exactly the same method as how you would to create an add-on for the underlying mature base platform.

These base platforms have many existing developers actively developing and supporting add-ons using these base platforms.

There are many forums for discussing developement and asking questions related to developement on these base platforms.

There are a large set of open-source add-ons that can be used as examples. The Eclipse Free BIRD Toools project provides some also.

We provide some links to the technical details of add-on developement for each base platform below to show that the developement process is thoroughly documented:

Creating a Regpot suitable for your base platform.

The wiki pages of the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools project give technical details of how to write a RegPot that generates artefacts suitable for your BasePlatform: