RegPlatforms = RegPot + Base Platform + Add-ons

A RegPlatform is a usable platform for working with regutory datamodels and regulatory logic (transformations).
Eclipse Free BIRD Tools currently provides one free RegPlatform based on The Eclipse IDE, and a set of add-ons providing extra functionality.

A RegPlatform has 3 parts:
  • A mature existing extendable platform with existing useful add-ons and a mature well documented means to create add-ons.
  • Add-ons for the base platform, these can be custom add-ons to provide behavior for regulatory data models and transformations, or general or existing add-ons like version control integration.
  • A RegPot, which converts regulatory datamodels and transformations described in the open RegDNA format into a format suitable for that base platform.

Base Platforms

  We consider 1 mature base platforms.
  • The Eclipse IDE , and its plug-in architecture for creating and installing add-ons.

Building an ecosystem of free and commercial inter-operable tools for regulatory datamodels and logic

  Since platforms are extendable using proven mature methods of Add-on Developement, this encourages the creation of an ecosystem of interoperable add-ons. This has enormous benefits for Add-on developers:
  • Developers of Addons can develop quickly because they are not starting from zero, they have all the features of the base platform available.
  • New add-ons can instantly benefit from being inter-operable with other add-ons for the platform, so one add-on can focus precisely on its need/utility and does not need to solve all problems.