• RegDNA allows organisations or collaborations (like BIRD) to write the data model and logic for a regulation once, without knowing the eventual reg app that will run it. This is comparable to writing a web page once in the html standard instead of writing it individually for each web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Windows Explorer
  • Free and open text editors are provided for RegDNA to allow colour-coding , autocomplete, and real-time validation.
  • RegDNA adds to a simplified version of the existing Ecore standard and its Xcore text representation. We dont re-invent the wheel where we dont need to!
  • Ecore is a mature standard which acts as the reference implementation of EMOF, which is the model driven engineering standard published by the Object Management Group standards body (which also publish the UML an BPMN standards).
  • RegDNA is text based and human readable, so offers excellent change management and version control.