Eclipse MOSAIC Configuration Files

On the following pages we provide a complete documentation of configuration files:

Configuration File Documentation
scenario_config.json Scenario Configuration
mapping/mapping_config.json Mapping Configuration
environment/environment_config.json Environment Simulator Configuration
sns/sns_config.json SNS Configuration
cell/cell_config.json Cell Simulator configuration
cell/regions.json Cell Regions configuration
cell/network.json Cell Network configuration
sumo/sumo_config.json SUMO Ambassador Configuration
battery/battery_config.json Battery Simulator Configuration (Extended)
charging/charging_config.json Charging Simulator Configuration (Extended)

Readable Units

Our configuration files accept readable units for some fields. If a field or attribute can be filled with values of type number or string (e.g. the maxSpeed of a vehicle in the Mapping configuration), you can write a number which then will be interpreted as the type as described in the documentation. Besides, you are able to input a readable text like e.g. "10 km" or "35 mph" which than will be converted automatically to the default unit. Following, you find a few examples:

String Input Number Input Default Unit
"10 km" 10000.0 m
"10 cm" 0.1 m
"0.5m" 0.5 m
"1 meter" 1.0 m
"10 km/h" 2.77 m/s
"10 m/s" 10.0 m/s
"35 mph" 15.6464 m/s
"10 ms" 10_000_000 ns
"20 ns" 20 ns
"0.5h" 1_800_000_000_000 ns
"0.5 hours" 1_800_000_000_000 ns

The dashes _ in e.g. 1_800_000_000_000 are only used for better readability in this documentation.