Variable Message Signs Simulator


The VMS Simulator is part of MOSAIC Extended.
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The VMS Simulator extends simulations with variable message signs (VMS), which could by dynamically controlled. A VMS can be placed anywhere along a road and has, amongst others, the following properties:

  • Type for different traffic sign semantics,
  • Road and lane(s) it corresponds to,
  • Visibility as a value telling how well a sign is visible for road users

The concept of a flexible sign type allows testing future traffic signs which are not existent at the moment and also common VMS types like:

  • Speed limit signs
  • Lane assignment signs (assigns a list of allowed vehicle types to a lane - e.g. Busses, Taxis or even Automated Vehicles)
example of speed and lane assigment in highway scenario

Any properties of a VMS, beside its position and type, can be changed during the simulation.

In each simulation step the VMS Simulator informs vehicles about any VMS that is inside their sight distance. How vehicles react on VMS can be modeled with the Application Simulator.