Random Graph Generation

If you need to quickly create random graphs in .elkt or .elkg format, you can use our random graph creation DSL. This way you can save, store, comment and diff your random graph configurations easily!

To get started, create a file with the file ending .elkr. Now Eclipse will offer the usual features you know and love, such as code completion, syntax highlighting and validation. So remember Eclipse rule number 1: Ctrl+Space is your friend!

Now let’s generate some random graphs. The following configuration would generates 5 trees and two graphs using the default predefined values:

generate 5 trees
generate 2 graphs

Right-clicking the saved file in the package explorer and choosing Generate Random Graphs will result in seven graph files to be created. You can further specify how the graphs are created. For example:

generate 2 graphs {
    // Gaussian distribution: mean +/- standard deviation
    nodes = 20 +/- 5 {
        // With ports and extra options block
        ports {
            // Set port constraint to fixed order
            constraint = order

            // Equal distribution: min to max. Re-use 30%
            // to 40% of ports, i.e. different edges exit
            // or enter same port
            re-use = 0.3 to 0.4
        // Generate node labels

    // Relative to the number of nodes
    edges relative = 0.5 to 1.5 {
        // Allow self loops
        self loops

    filename = "whatABeautifulGraph"

There are a lot more options to be found. Again, use Ctrl-Space to find out more.