Layout View Support

If UI components are installed, ELK contributes the Layout View to the workbench:

The layout view in its full glory.

The layout view is a kind of properties view specialized for setting layout properties. It listens to selection changes and, if it recognizes that something is an element of a graph ELK could layout, allows users to customize the layout options used to do so.

It is a fair question whether users should be given access to this view or not. At the ELK project, we primarily consider it a feature for developers and perhaps for power users. This is because the amount of layout options available is quite high. Also, the options themselves are often rather technical, requiring rather detailed knowledge of layout algorithms. It is probably not something you would want to give your regular user to play with.

Support for the layout view does not happen automatically, though. On this page, we will discuss how to support it.

Layout Configuration Stores

TODO: Write documentation.