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EOL Interpreter View

Acceleo provides an extensible interpreter view that can be used to evaluate queries on selections of model elements in EMF-based editors. Epsilon extends this view with support for writing and running Epsilon Object Language scripts. To show the view, click on WindowShow ViewOtherInterpreter, and to switch to EOL, click on the respective button at the top-right of the view. More detailed instructions on using the different facilities offered by the interpreter view (e.g. variables, live evaluation) are provided here.


The EOL interpreter view is available in versions of Epsilon >= 2.3.0

Accessing Selected Model Elements and Variables

Selected model elements in EMF-based editors can be accessed from the EOL script through the self variable. If multiple model elements are selected, then self will be a list containing all these elements, and if no model elements are selected, self will be null. Variables are accessible by name.

Importing External Operations

You can import operations defined in EOL files in your workspace using an import statement with a platform:/resource URI, as shown below.

// bar() is defined in bar.eol under the bar project
import "platform:/resource/bar/bar.eol";

return foo() + bar();

operation foo() {
    return "foo";