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Human Usable Textual Notation

HUTN is an OMG standard for storing models in a human understandable format. In a sense it is a human-oriented alternative to XMI; it has a C-like style which uses curly braces instead of the verbose XML start and end-element tags. Epsilon provides an implementation of HUTN which has been realized using ETL for model-to-model transformation, EGL for generating model-to-text transformations, and EVL for checking the consistency of HUTN models.


  • Write models using a text editor
  • Generic-syntax: no need to specify parser
  • Error markers highlighting inconsistencies
  • Resilient to metamodel changes
  • Built-in HUTN->XMI and XMI->HUTN transformations
  • Automated builder (HUTN->XMI)



The OMG provides a complete specification of the HUTN syntax.