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Looking for in-depth articles?

This page contains links to a selection of example projects in Epsilon's Git repository. If you are looking for more in-depth articles describing different features of Epsilon, please visit the articles section of the website.

Online Playground

If you prefer not to download/install anything just quite yet, you can fiddle with EMF models and metamodels, and with some of the Epsilon languages in the online Epsilon Playground.

Each example in this page comes in the form of an Eclipse project, which is stored under the examples dirctory of Epsilon's Git repository. To run an example, you need to:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Import the project in question into your Eclipse workspace
  3. Register any Ecore metamodels in it
  4. Right click the .launch file in it
  5. Select Run as... and click the first item in the menu that pops up


To avoid copying the same metamodels across different example projects, some projects reuse Ecore metamodels stored in the org.eclipse.epsilon.examples.metamodels project.

If you are unable to run any of the examples below, please give us a shout.

Epsilon Object Language

Epsilon Transformation Language

Epsilon Generation Language

Epsilon Validation Language

Epsilon Merging Language

Epsilon Flock

Epsilon Model Generation Language

Epsilon Pattern Language

Combining the Epsilon Languages



Even more examples

More examples are available in the examples folder of the Git repository.