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Directory conventions

The following tables provide a quick reference to the Eclipse OpenJ9™ VM directory location on different Java™ versions and different platform architectures. Some pages refer to the VM directory location as <vm_dir>.

Operating system Java 8 Java 11 and later
AIX® <install_dir>/jre/lib/ppc[64]/default <install_dir>/
Linux® <install_dir>/jre/lib/<arch>/default <install_dir>/
macOS® <install_dir>/jre/lib/default <install_dir>/
Windows™ <install_dir>\jre\bin\default <install_dir>\
z/OS® <install_dir>/jre/lib/s390[x]/default <install_dir>/


  • <install_dir> is your JDK installation directory.
  • <arch> depends on the architecture your Linux distribution is running on. See the following table for possible values:
Architecture Value of <arch>
x86 32-bit i386
x86 64-bit x86-64
IBM POWER® 32-bit (Big Endian) ppc
IBM POWER 64-bit (Big Endian) ppc64
IBM POWER 64-bit (Little Endian) ppc64le
IBM Z® 31-bit s390
IBM Z 64-bit s390x