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(Linux® x86, Linux on POWER® (Little Endian), Linux on AArch64, and Linux on IBM Z® only)

The -Xshareclasses option is an existing option and disableOnRestore is its new parameter that can be used if the CRIU feature is available. This option is disabled by default.


  • This option takes effect only when the -XX:+EnableCRIUSupport option is enabled.
  • This option can be used only on restore.




The -Xshareclasses:disableOnRestore option disables further use of the shared classes cache (SCC) on restore. You can still use the shared classes utility APIs, for example, to obtain metrics about the shared cache.

The -Xshareclasses:disableOnRestore option is similar to the existing -Xshareclasses:none option but with the following differences:

  • The -Xshareclasses:none option turns off the cache on the VM startup but the -Xshareclasses:disableOnRestore option turns off the cache on restore. If you turn off the cache on startup, then specifying the -Xshareclasses:disableOnRestore option has no impact because there is no cache existing in the checkpoint image for the option to disable.
  • The -Xshareclasses:none option disables the shared classes utility APIs but the -Xshareclasses:disableOnRestore option keeps the utility APIs working.

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