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-Xiss / -Xss / -Xssi

Sets the stack size and increment for Java™ threads.

If you exceed the maximum Java thread stack size, a java/lang/OutOfMemoryError message is reported.

You can use the -verbose:sizes option to find out the values that the VM is currently using.

Note: Java methods and native methods run on two different stacks and the VM handles switching between them for JNI calls. Each stack is sized using separate options; these options apply to the Java stack only. For the native stack option, see the link in the See also section.


Setting Effect Default
-Xiss<size> Set initial Java thread stack size 2 KB
-Xss<size> Set maximum Java thread stack size 320 KB (31/32-bit); 1024 KB (64-bit)
-Xssi<size> Set Java thread stack size increment 16 KB

See Using -X command-line options for more information about the <size> parameter.

See Default settings for the Eclipse OpenJ9™ VM for more about default values.

See also

  • -Xmso (Native stack size for operating system threads)