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What's new in version 0.29.0

The following new features and notable changes since version 0.27.0 are included in this release:

Features and changes

Binaries and supported environments

Eclipse OpenJ9™ release 0.29.0 supports OpenJDK 8 and 11.

AArch64 Linux is now a fully supported, production-ready target for OpenJDK 8 and 11.

To learn more about support for OpenJ9 releases, including OpenJDK levels and platform support, see Supported environments.

JITServer technology is fully supported on some systems

JITServer technology is now a fully supported feature on Linux® on x86 and Linux on IBM Power® systems (64-bit only). This feature remains a technical preview for Linux on IBM Z® systems (64-bit only). For more information, see JITServer technology.

New -XX:[+|-]UTFCache option added

A UTF to String cache is added to enhance reflection performance. The cache is enabled by default but can be disabled using the -XX:[+|-]UTFCache option.

-Xsoftmx updates for gencon

When using gencon, the -Xsoftmx limit is proportional to the maximum amount of nursery space specified relative to the -Xmx value.

Full release information

To see a complete list of changes between Eclipse OpenJ9 v0.27.0 and v0.29.0 releases, see the Release notes.