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This option enables the logging of connection/disconnection events between the JITServer server and the JITServer client. You can use the option on both the server and the client sides.


Setting Effect Default
-XX:+JITServerLogConnections Enable
-XX:-JITServerLogConnections Disable yes


This option is useful when you need to know when the server and the client successfully establish or terminate connections but verbose logs provide too much information.

You can also enable the same logging by specifying the -Xjit:verbose={JITServerConns} option.

If you do not specify a vlog log file (-Xjit:vlog=<vlog_filename>), output is written to stderr, otherwise it is written to the vlog file.


This is what the typical output looks like:

On the server side:

#JITServer: t=  2318 A new client (clientUID=11937826481210274991) connected. Server allocated a new client session.
#JITServer: t= 48518 Client (clientUID=4213447851416537492) disconnected. Client session deleted

On the client side:

#JITServer: t=     0 Connected to a server (serverUID=10444660844386807777)
#JITServer: t=   698 Lost connection to the server (serverUID=10444660844386807777)

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