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As described in the Oracle documentation, this HotSpot option enables or disables the verifier. For compatibility, this option is also supported by the Eclipse OpenJ9™ VM.


Setting Effect Default
-Xverify Enables verification for all non-bootstrap classes. -Xfuture verification is not enabled. yes
-Xverify:all Enables verification for all classes and enables -Xfuture verification.   You cannot use this setting in conjunction with -XX:+ClassRelationshipVerifier.   Note: This setting might have an impact on performance.
-Xverify:remote For compatibility, this parameter is accepted, but is equivalent to the default -Xverify.
-Xverify:none Disables the verifier.   Note: This is not a supported configuration and, as noted, was deprecated from Java 13. If you encounter problems with the verifier turned off, remove this option and try to reproduce the problem.

Start of content that applies to Java 13 and later Note: The option -Xverify:none (and its equivalent -noverify) was deprecated in Java 13. Both options might be removed in a future release. OpenJ9 issues a warning if these options are used in Java 13 and later versions. End of content that applies only to Java 13