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(31-bit z/OS® only)

Controls Eclipse OpenJ9™ VM Language Environment® condition handling.




Use the -XCEEHDLR option if you want the new behavior for the Java™ and COBOL interoperability batch mode environment, because this option makes signal and condition handling behavior more predictable in a mixed Java and COBOL environment.

When the -XCEEHDLR option is enabled, a condition triggered by an arithmetic operation while executing a Java Native Interface (JNI) component causes the VM to convert the Language Environment condition into a Java ConditionException.

When the -XCEEHDLR option is used the VM does not install POSIX signal handlers for the following signals:


Instead, user condition handlers are registered by the VM, using the CEEHDLR() method. These condition handlers are registered every time a thread calls into the VM. Threads call into the VM using the Java Native Interface and including the invocation interfaces, for example JNI\_CreateJavaVM.

The Java runtime continues to register POSIX signal handlers for the following signals:


Signal chaining using the library is not supported.

When the -XCEEHDLR option is used, condition handler actions take place in the following sequence:

  1. All severity 0 and severity 1 conditions are percolated.
  2. If a Language Environment condition is triggered in JNI code as a result of an arithmetic operation, the VM condition handler resumes executing Java code as if the JNI native code had thrown a exception. This exception class is a subclass of java.lang.RuntimeException.
    Note: The Language Environment conditions that correspond to arithmetic operations are CEE3208S through CEE3234S. However, the Language Environment does not deliver conditions CEE3208S, CEE3213S, or CEE3234S to C applications, so the VM condition handler will not receive them.
  3. If the condition handling reaches this step, the condition is considered to be unrecoverable. RAS diagnostic information is generated, and the VM ends by calling the CEE3AB2() service with abend code 3565, reason code 0, and cleanup code 0.

Restriction: You cannot use -Xsignal:userConditionHandler=percolate and -XCEEHDLR together.

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