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(AIX®, Linux®, macOS®, and z/OS® only)

This option affects the handling of the operating system signal SIGXFSZ. This signal is generated when a process attempts to write to a file that causes the maximum file size ulimit to be exceeded.


Setting Effect Default
-XX:+HandleSIGXFSZ Enable yes
-XX:-HandleSIGXFSZ Disable


When enabled, the VM handles the signal SIGXFSZ and continues, without ending. When a file is written from a Java™ API class that exceeds the maximum file size ulimit, an exception is raised. Log files that are created by the VM are silently truncated when they reach the maximum file size ulimit.

When the option is disabled, the VM does not handle the signal SIGXFSZ. In this situation, if the maximum file size ulimit for any file is reached, the operating system ends the process with a core dump.