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A TypeScript library to facilitate working the the REST-like HTTP API and web socket API of Eclipse Ditto.

How to use it

Install @eclipse-ditto/ditto-javascript-client-dom for the DOM (browser) implementation, @eclipse-ditto/ditto-javascript-client-node for the NodeJS implementation, or @eclipse/ditto-javascript-client-api-ditto for the API and build your own client implementation.

More information can be found in the descriptions of the subpackages:

All released versions are published on npmjs.com.

Compatibility with Eclipse Ditto

The newest release of the JavaScript client will always try to cover as much API functionality of the same Eclipse Ditto major version as possible. There might however be missing features for which we would be very happy to accept contributions.


npm install
npm run build
npm run lint
npm test
# or npm run test:watch


If you get strange errors, it would be best cleaning all dependencies and starting from the beginning again:

npm run clean
# by hand delete node_modules in the root folder, or use a tool like rm, rimraf, etc.
npm install
npm run build
# ...

It is important to know that during install and build some extra processes are triggered by e.g. lerna which will symlink the api dependency into the node_modules of dom and node packages.


This project is using lerna to split up the client into different packages. This way we can have standalone codeable subprojects (api, dom and node) but still are able to control dependencies, build processes or release processes globally.

Furthermore we use rollup.js for providing multiple module types of the packages, e.g. the api will be published as IIFE, ES Module and CommonJS module.

For automatically generating barrel files, barrelsby is used during the build process.