Version 2.1.1 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 28.10.2021
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This is a bugfix release, no new features since 2.1.0 were added.


Compared to the latest release 2.1.0, the following bugfixes were added.


This is a complete list of the merged pull requests, including the fixed bugs.

In addition, this is a complete list of the merged Ditto Client pull requests, including the fixed bugs.

Stabilize connection live status for AMQP 1.0 connections

The connection live status was not always correct for AMQP 1.0 connections which were misconfigured.

Fixed drop behavior of mapping queue in LegacyBaseConsumerActor

Connections using the LegacyBaseConsumerActor like AMQP 0.9.1, MQTT, HTTP did silently drop messages if the configured buffer size was reached and backpressure was applied.
This is now logged as warning and a retry is invoked.

Fix status 500 when sorting a field containing non-primitive values

When sorting on e.g. JSON objects in the things-search a HTTP status 500 was returned.

Explicitly configure MongoDB query batchSize same as the limit

The used MongoDB driver used a max batchSize of 16 for performing searches. When the requested result size was higher than 16, this lead to multiple roundtrips/batches for a search resulting in not ideal performance.

Fix mqtt connection status for sources with multiple addresses

The connection live status for MQTT connections with sources containing multiple addresses contained failure status entries for “missing” sources.

Ditto Java Client: Shutdown executor after stream cancellation

The Ditto Java client had a thread leak which is now fixed.