Version 0.9.0-M1 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 28.03.2019
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After the first release of Ditto 0.8.0, this first milestone of the “0.9.0” release provides a preview of what to expect in the next release.


Optimized/reduced memory consumption of ditto-json

ditto-json used quite a lot of memory when building up JSON structures - this change optimized that by a factor of 10-20, so now it is possible to keep ~1.000.000 things in memory with ~4GB of memory.

Update several dependencies

Several used dependencies were updated to their latest (bugfix) releases or even to a stable 1.x version.

New features

Erasing data without downtime

GDPR requires erasure of data on request of data subject.

Enhance placeholders by functions

The already existing placeholder mechanism for connections was enhanced by optionally adding function calls (currently simple string manipulations like fn:substring-before(':')).

Connect to Apache Kafka

In order to publish Ditto protocol messages (e.g. events/responses/messages/…) to Apache Kafka topics.

Collect and provide connection metrics

Provide metrics about established connections (e.g. to AMQP 1.0, Kafka, MQTT, …).


Various smaller bugfixes

This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.