Version 1.0.0-M1a of Eclipse Ditto, released on 17.09.2019
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This first milestone of the “1.0.0” release provides a preview of what to expect in the next release.


Add HiveMQ MQTT client as an alternative for MQTT integration

Due to the problems described in #450 we decided to add the HiveMQ MQTT Client as an alternative for the connection of Ditto to MQTT brokers. Once it has proven to be working and stable in production, it will replace the previous client (Alpakka/Paho).

Scalable event publishing

This patch improves horizontal scalability of Ditto’s event publishing mechanism. Find a more detailed description of this change in the pull request.

Typed entity IDs

This change introduces validated Java representations for entity IDs.

Introduce architectural decision records (ADR)

We want to keep track of architectural decisions and decided to use the format of ADRs for this purpose.

Relax uri restrictions

With this change we allow more characters in uris.

Background cleanup for stale journal entries and snapshots

This change introduces a asynchronous background deletion approach which replaces the current approach.

New features

Initial contribution of Java client SDK

Contribution was extracted from former commercial-only client - all references to Bosch were removed. Consists of full working, OSGi capable “ditto-client” artifact. More information can be found in our SDK documentation.

Configurable authorization servers

Eclipse Ditto now supports all OAuth 2.0 providers which implement OpenID Connect out-of-the-box. See this blog post for more details.

Fine grained access for connections

With this change it is possible to restrict access to connections on any level via a policy.

Reconnecting feature for created connections

When creating a connection, it will also contain the desired status of the connection.


Various smaller bugfixes

This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.