Version 3.3.2 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 30.06.2023
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This is a bugfix release, no new features since 3.3.0 were added.


Compared to the latest release 3.3.0, the following changes and bugfixes were added.


We had to skip Ditto version 3.3.1, as there were errors in our release pipeline.


This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.

Fix blocking Pekko dispatcher thread on WoT skeleton creation

Ditto’s WoT integration did block the Pekko dispatcher thread which could lead to deadlock situations when e.g. creating new twins based on a WoT ThingModel.

This was solved and the complete WoT operations are now executed asynchronously.

Helm Chart

The Ditto Helm Chart, which was enhanced and changed a lot for version 3.3.0, contained some configuration bugs which are also addressed with this bugfix release.

Fix that nginx’s worker_processes setting ‘auto’ causes problems with workers having many CPUs

Configure the “dittoui”’s nginx to only use 1 worker process, as it only serves static content.
Add configuration option in the Helm chart values.yaml to configure the nginx’s used worker_processes and default to 4

Fix wrong config path for pulling devops and status password from helm values

The devopsPassword and statusPassword were read from .Values.gateway.devopsPassword and .Values.gateway.statusPassword. In the values.yaml these two values were however located at different configuration levels.

As a result, the two passwords werew always regenerated and the passed passwords were not used.

Configure queryReadConcern: “local” for ditto things-search by default

The readConcern was by default configured to "linearizable" which however fails in a “single instance” MongoDB setup.
Changed to be by default queryReadConcern: "local" with hint to configure otherwise for replicated MongoDB setups.

Support for ingress controller

The Ditto Helm chart now supports to additionally deploy a (nginx-based) “Ingress controller”, if configured.
By default, the deployment of the Ingress controller is however disabled.