Version 0.9.0-M2 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 29.04.2019
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This second milestone of the “0.9.0” release provides closes more gaps towards the upcoming release.


Make it easy to add new Authentication mechanisms and allow chaining them

If we have multiple applicable authentication mechanisms all of them are processed until either one of them authenticates successfully or all of them fail.

Unify implementations of things-search across API versions

Ditto’s “search” capabilities were rewritten so that bot API v1 and API v2 use the same MongoDB based search index.

New features

Various contributions for a setup of Eclipse Ditto on Microsoft Azure

As discussed in the ongoing issue Eclipse Ditto on Microsoft Azure Microsoft added a few PRs in order to deploy Ditto on MS Azure cloud:


MQTT publish fails if no sources are configured

Fixed: If using a MQTT connection that only has targets but no sources, publishing of events will fail.

Various smaller bugfixes

This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.