Version 3.3.6 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 23.08.2023
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This is a bugfix release, no new features since 3.3.5 were added.


Compared to the latest release 3.3.5, the following changes and bugfixes were added.



This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.

Fixed providing Ditto Adaptable information in the “_context” of an SSE event

Previously, the optional _context of an SSE subscription only contained the headers.

The fix also adds (same as for the NormalizedMessageMapper) the topic and path of the underlying Ditto protocol message.

Fixed using “/cloudevents” endpoint for other entities than things

When sending Policy commands via the POST /cloudevents endpoint, the HTTP response was never completed successfully, as the cloudevents implementation made the assumption to always handle thing commands only.
This has been fixed, now also Policy commands may be sent via the Cloud Events endpoint.

Helm Chart

The Ditto Helm Chart, which was enhanced and changed a lot for version 3.3.0, contained some configuration bugs which are also addressed with this bugfix release.

Support for basic nginx-ingress authentication

When using “Ingress” in the Ditto Helm chart, now also users via nginx “Basic auth” can be authenticated.