Version 0.8.0-M3 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 14.11.2018
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Since the last milestone of Eclipse Ditto 0.8.0-M2, the following changes, new features and bugfixes were added.


With more and more Things, the search service was slowing down massively.

Two Pull Requests (#275, #278) addressed this issue with the following changes:

  • add an index on _policyId and __policyRev for the thingEntities collection.
  • add the field _thingId to new documents in policiesBasedSearchIndex.
  • add an index on _thingId for the policiesBasedSearchIndex collection.
  • rewrite queries on policiesBasedSearchIndex to always look for the indexed _thingId first.

Data in policiesBasedSearchIndex needs to be migrated (we strongly recommend to do that in “offline mode” with the Ditto cluster stopped) using the MongoDB migration script from 0.8.0-M2 to 0.8.0-M3 .

Netty 3 was removed from dependencies

Due to licensing issues with Netty 3, it was removed in this release and replaced with Akka’s Artery remoting which uses by default a plain TCP socket for communication.

That means that a rolling update from a prior version of Ditto will fail - you’ll have to completely restart your cluster with all services running the new version.

New features

Apply enforcement for incoming messages in connectivity service

When adding a connection, an optional enforcement (e.g. for AMQP 1.0) may be configured in order to only accept messages having, for example, a defined header value.

This is also very useful to be used for connecting to Eclipse Hono which sends a header device_id in every message which Ditto can check against the ID of the addressed twin.

Allow to create a new thing that uses a copied policy

When creating a new Thing it is now possible to copy the Policy already used in another Thing.

An example of this new feature can be found here.


This milestone contains several bugfixes related to memory leaks, recovery of connections and cluster consistency.

Various smaller bugfixes

This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.