Version 3.5.10 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 18.06.2024
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This is a bugfix release, no new features since 3.5.9 were added.


Compared to the latest release 3.5.9, the following changes and bugfixes were added.


This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.

Updating used pekko-persistence-mongo and mongo driver to latest versions

The used Pekko persistence plugin pekko-persistence-mongo provides in its newest version 1.2.0 more control of the MongoDB writeConcern to use.
Previously, e.g. the configured Acknowledged write concern caused a different behavior than in MongoDB 5 when using Ditto with MongoDB 6.

Previously, the configured Acknowledged writeConcern only required the MongoDB primary to acknowledge the write operation.
With MongoDB 6, this behavior seem to have changed to use the configured “default write concern” of the database, which by default is "majority".

Ditto defaults to this Acknowledged writeConcern, so when updating from MongoDB 5 to 6 an increase in insert performance is probable, although the writes are then performed with higher consistency guarantees.

Ditto 3.5.10 provides updates the pekko-persistence-mongo to version 1.2.0 and provides with this update the ability to also configure 3 additional writeConcerns:

  • W1 - requires that the MongoDB primary acknowledges the write
  • W2 - requires that the MongoDB primary and an additional secondary acknowledges the write
  • W3 - requires that the MongoDB primary and two additional secondaries acknowledges the write

Where W1 should provide the behavior as Acknowledged before: only requiring the acknowledgement from the MongoDB primary.

As part of this update, also the MongoDB driver was updated to version 5.1.1.