Version 0.3.0-M2 of Eclipse Ditto, released on 15.06.2018
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Since the last milestone of Eclipse Ditto 0.3.0-M1, the following changes, new features and bugfixes were added.


Reduce network load for cache-sync

With 0.3.0-M1 Ditto had a performance issue when managing more than ~100.000 Things in its memory as Ditto used a distributed cluster cache which was not intended to be used in that way. Over time, as cache entries could not be deleted from this cache, a Ditto cluster got slower and slower.

This is fixed now in 0.3.0-M2 by introducing a new Ditto service: “ditto-concierge” which is also shown in the architecture overview.

This is the biggest change in this milestone and required a lot of refactoring effort. Kudos to our two committers Daniel and Yufei who did an amazing job: the roundtrip times in a Ditto cluster are now at a constant and very good rate.

Cluster bootstrapping improved

Ditto now uses the akka-management library in order to bootstrap a new cluster. By default Ditto now uses a DNS-based approach to find its other cluster-nodes and bootstrap a not yet formed cluster. This works very well for Docker (and Docker swarm) based clusters.

The benefit is also that the containers no longer need to be started in a specific order and with delay.

Future versions could also benefit from the other bootstrapping mechanisms for kubenertes, mesos or ec2 (AWS) environment.

New features

No new features for this milestone.


Search index fixes

The search-index of the Ditto search had several issues which lead to a poor query performance when searching for Things.

These issues were adressed in several fixes:

Various smaller bugfixes

This is a complete list of the merged pull requests.