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Ditto Protocol messages of acknowledgements come in 2 different protocol topic variants.


An acknowledgment addressing a specific acknowledgement label contains that label as last part of the topic:


The Ditto Protocol representation of an Acknowledgement is specified as follows:

Acknowledgements (aggregating)

An acknowledgment for aggregated structures contains several single acknowledgements as its payload, and the topic is without a label:


The Ditto Protocol representation of Acknowledgements is specified as follows:

Combined status code

The status code of the aggregating acknowledgements is derived based on the status codes of the contained single acks.

  • if only one acknowledgement is included, this acknowledgment’s status code is used
  • if several acknowledgements are included:
    • if all contained acknowledgements are successful (200>= HTTP status <=299), the overall status code is 200 (OK)
    • if at least one acknowledgement failed (HTTP status >299), the overall status code is 424 (Dependency failed)
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