Property Value
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.alg.libavoid
Meta Data Provider: options.LibavoidMetaDataProvider


libavoid is a cross-platform C++ library providing fast, object-avoiding orthogonal and polyline connector routing for use in interactive diagram editors.

Category: Edge Routing

Only route the edges without touching the node's positions.

Supported Options

Option Default Value
Angle Penalty 0
Cluster Crossing Penalty 0
Crossing Penalty 0
Debug Mode false
Direction Direction.UNDEFINED
Edge Routing EdgeRouting.ORTHOGONAL
Enable Hyperedges From Common Source false
Fixed Shared Path Penalty 0
Ideal Nudging Distance 4
Improve Hyperedge Routes true
Improve Hyperedge Routes Add/Delete false
Marks a node as a cluster false
Nudge Orthogonal Segments false
Nudge Orthogonal Touching Colinear Segments false
Nudge Shared Paths With Common Endpoint true
Omit Node Micro Layout false
Penalise Orthogonal Shared Paths false
Perform Unifying Nudging Preprocessing true
Port Constraints PortConstraints.FREE
Port Direction Penalty 0
Port Side PortSide.UNDEFINED
Reverse Direction Penalty 0
Segment Penalty 10
Shape Buffer Distance 4