Upper Layer Estimation Scaling Factor [MinWidth Layerer]

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.layered.layering.minWidth.upperLayerEstimationScalingFactor
Meta Data Provider: options.LayeredMetaDataProvider
Value Type: int
Default Value: 2 (as defined in org.eclipse.elk.layered)
Lower Bound: -1
Applies To: parents
Dependencies: org.eclipse.elk.layered.layering.strategy (LayeringStrategy.MIN_WIDTH)
Containing Group: layering -> minWidth


Multiplied with Upper Bound On Width for defining an upper bound on the width of layers which haven’t been determined yet, but whose maximum width had been (roughly) estimated by the MinWidth algorithm. Compensates for too high estimations. If set to ‘-1’ multiple values are tested and the best result is selected.