Position Choice Constraint

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.layered.crossingMinimization.positionChoiceConstraint
Meta Data Provider: options.LayeredMetaDataProvider
Value Type: java.lang.Integer
Default Value: null (as defined in org.eclipse.elk.layered)
Lower Bound: -1
Applies To: nodes
Containing Group: crossingMinimization


Allows to set a constraint regarding the position placement of a node in a layer. Assumed the layer in which the node placed includes n other nodes and i < n. If set to i, it expresses that the node should be placed at the i-th position. Should i>=n be true then the node is placed at the last position in the layer. Note that this option is not part of any of ELK Layered’s default configurations but is only evaluated as part of the InteractiveLayeredGraphVisitor, which must be applied manually or used via the `DiagramLayoutEngine.