Individual Spacing

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.spacing.individual
Meta Data Provider: core.options.CoreOptions
Value Type: org.eclipse.elk.core.util.IndividualSpacings
Applies To: nodes, edges, ports, labels
Containing Group: spacing


Allows to specify individual spacing values for graph elements that shall be different from the value specified for the element’s parent.

Additional Documentation

In most cases, spacing values apply to the children of the hierarchical node (possibly the root node) for which the values are actually specified. Hereby, the children may include ports, edges, and labels. This option allows to specify a different spacing for a certain element, thus overriding the parent’s value. To give an example, a spacing.portPort of 5 configured on the graph would result in the ports of all of the graph’s nodes to be spaced apart by 5px. A single node may desire a larger spacing and hence set an individual spacing.portPort of 10. Note that not all algorithms (or concrete configurations of a specific algorithm) support this behavior. When specified as a string (in elkg or elkt) the individual options must be separated by ‘;,;’. Example: “spacing.portPort:5;,;spacing.nodeNode:10”