Correction Factor for Wrapping

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.layered.wrapping.correctionFactor
Meta Data Provider: options.LayeredMetaDataProvider
Value Type: double
Default Value: 1.0 (as defined in org.eclipse.elk.layered)
Applies To: parents
Dependencies: org.eclipse.elk.layered.wrapping.strategy (WrappingStrategy.SINGLE_EDGE), org.eclipse.elk.layered.wrapping.strategy (WrappingStrategy.MULTI_EDGE)
Containing Group: wrapping


At times and for certain types of graphs the executed wrapping may produce results that are consistently biased in the same fashion: either wrapping to often or to rarely. This factor can be used to correct the bias. Internally, it is simply multiplied with the ‘aspect ratio’ layout option.