ELK Force

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Property Value
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.force
Meta Data Provider: options.ForceMetaDataProvider


Force-based algorithm provided by the Eclipse Layout Kernel. Implements methods that follow physical analogies by simulating forces that move the nodes into a balanced distribution. Currently the original Eades model and the Fruchterman - Reingold model are supported.

Category: Force

Layout algorithms that follow physical analogies by simulating a system of attractive and repulsive forces. The first successful method of this kind was proposed by Eades in 1984.

Supported Graph Features

Name Description
Multi Edges Multiple edges with the same source and target node.
Edge Labels Labels that are associated with edges.

Supported Options

Option Default Value
Aspect Ratio 1.6f
Eades Repulsion 5.0
Edge Label Spacing 5
Fixed Graph Size false
Force Model ForceModelStrategy.FRUCHTERMAN_REINGOLD
FR Temperature 0.001
Inline Edge Labels false
Interactive false
Iterations 300
Node Label Placement NodeLabelPlacement.fixed()
Node Size Constraints EnumSet.noneOf(SizeConstraint)
Node Size Options EnumSet.of(SizeOptions.DEFAULT_MINIMUM_SIZE)
Node Spacing 80
Omit Node Micro Layout false
Padding new ElkPadding(50)
Port Constraints PortConstraints.UNDEFINED
Port Label Placement PortLabelPlacement.outside()
Priority 1
Randomization Seed 1
Repulsive Power 0
Separate Connected Components true
Topdown Hierarchical Node Aspect Ratio 1.414
Topdown Hierarchical Node Width 150
Topdown Layout false
Topdown Node Type TopdownNodeTypes.HIERARCHICAL_NODE
Topdown Scale Factor 1