Topdown Layout

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.topdownLayout
Meta Data Provider: core.options.CoreOptions
Value Type: boolean
Default Value: false (as defined in org.eclipse.elk)
Applies To: parents
Dependencies: org.eclipse.elk.topdown.nodeType


Turns topdown layout on and off. If this option is enabled, hierarchical layout will be computed first for the root node and then for its children recursively. Layouts are then scaled down to fit the area provided by their parents. Graphs must follow a certain structure for topdown layout to work properly. {@link TopdownNodeTypes.PARALLEL_NODE} nodes must have children of type {@link TopdownNodeTypes.HIERARCHICAL_NODE} and must define {@link topdown.hierarchicalNodeWidth} and {@link topdown.hierarchicalNodeAspectRatio} for their children. Furthermore they need to be laid out using an algorithm that is a {@link TopdownLayoutProvider}. Hierarchical nodes can also be parents of other hierarchical nodes and can optionally use a {@link TopdownSizeApproximator} to dynamically set sizes during topdown layout. In this case {@link topdown.hierarchicalNodeWidth} and {@link topdown.hierarchicalNodeAspectRatio} should be set on the node itself rather than the parent. The values are then used by the size approximator as base values. Hierarchical nodes require the layout option {@link nodeSize.fixedGraphSize} to be true to prevent the algorithm used there from resizing the hierarchical node. This option is not supported if ‘Hierarchy Handling’ is set to ‘INCLUDE_CHILDREN’