Greedy Switch Crossing Minimization (hierarchical)

Property Value
Type: advanced
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.layered.crossingMinimization.greedySwitchHierarchical.type
Meta Data Provider: options.LayeredMetaDataProvider
Value Type: org.eclipse.elk.alg.layered.options.GreedySwitchType (Enum)
Possible Values: ONE_SIDED
Default Value: GreedySwitchType.OFF (as defined in org.eclipse.elk.layered)
Applies To: parents
Dependencies: org.eclipse.elk.layered.crossingMinimization.strategy (CrossingMinimizationStrategy.LAYER_SWEEP), org.eclipse.elk.hierarchyHandling (HierarchyHandling.INCLUDE_CHILDREN)
Containing Group: crossingMinimization -> greedySwitchHierarchical


Activates the greedy switch heuristic in case hierarchical layout is used. The differences to the non-hierarchical case (see ‘greedySwitch.type’) are: 1) greedy switch is inactive by default, 3) only the option value set on the node at which hierarchical layout starts is relevant, and 2) if it’s activated by the user, it properly addresses hierarchy-crossing edges.