ELK Top-down Packing

Property Value
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.topdownpacking
Meta Data Provider: options.TopdownpackingMetaDataProvider


An algorithm for placing boxes of fixed sizes. Expands boxes horizontally to fill empty whitespace. This algorithm can be used standalone or specifically for {@link CoreOptions.TOPDOWN_LAYOUT}. In this use case it should be set for nodes whose {@link CoreOptions.TOPDOWN_NODE_TYPE} is set to {@link TopdownNodeTypes.PARALLEL_NODE}. This allows topdown layout to give children larger sizes based on their number of children.

Supported Options

Option Default Value
Node arrangement strategy NodeArrangementStrategy.LEFT_RIGHT_TOP_DOWN_NODE_PLACER
Node Spacing 20
Padding new ElkPadding(12)
Topdown Hierarchical Node Aspect Ratio 1.414
Topdown Hierarchical Node Width 150
Topdown Layout false
Topdown Node Type TopdownNodeTypes.PARALLEL_NODE
Whitespace elimination strategy WhitespaceEliminationStrategy.BOTTOM_ROW_EQUAL_WHITESPACE_ELIMINATOR