Graphviz Neato

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Property Value
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.graphviz.neato
Meta Data Provider: layouter.GraphvizMetaDataProvider


Spring model layouts. Neato attempts to minimize a global energy function, which is equivalent to statistical multi-dimensional scaling. The solution is achieved using stress majorization, though the older Kamada-Kawai algorithm, using steepest descent, is also available.

Category: Force

Layout algorithms that follow physical analogies by simulating a system of attractive and repulsive forces. The first successful method of this kind was proposed by Eades in 1984.

Supported Graph Features

Name Description
Self Loops Edges connecting a node with itself.
Multi Edges Multiple edges with the same source and target node.
Edge Labels Labels that are associated with edges.

Supported Options

Option Default Value
Adapt Port Positions true
Concentrate Edges false
Debug Mode false
Distance Model NeatoModel.SHORTPATH
Edge Label Spacing 2
Edge Routing EdgeRouting.SPLINES
Epsilon 0.0001f
Interactive false
Label Angle -25
Label Distance 1
Max. Iterations 200
Node Size Constraints EnumSet.noneOf(SizeConstraint)
Node Size Options EnumSet.of(SizeOptions.DEFAULT_MINIMUM_SIZE)
Node Spacing 40
Overlap Removal OverlapMode.PRISM
Padding new ElkPadding(10)
Randomization Seed 1
Separate Connected Components false