ELK Mr. Tree

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Property Value
Identifier: org.eclipse.elk.mrtree
Meta Data Provider: options.MrTreeMetaDataProvider


Tree-based algorithm provided by the Eclipse Layout Kernel. Computes a spanning tree of the input graph and arranges all nodes according to the resulting parent-children hierarchy. I pity the fool who doesn’t use Mr. Tree Layout.

Category: Tree

Specialized layout methods for trees, i.e. acyclic graphs. The regular structure of graphs that have no undirected cycles can be emphasized using an algorithm of this type.

Supported Graph Features

Name Description
Disconnected Multiple connected components.

Supported Options

Option Default Value
Aspect Ratio 1.6f
Debug Mode false
Direction Direction.UNDEFINED
Edge End Texture Length 7
Edge Node Spacing 3
Edge Routing Mode EdgeRoutingMode.AVOID_OVERLAP
Fixed Graph Size false
Interactive false
interactive Layout false
Node Label Placement NodeLabelPlacement.fixed()
Node Size Constraints EnumSet.noneOf(SizeConstraint)
Node Size Minimum new KVector(0, 0)
Node Size Options EnumSet.of(SizeOptions.DEFAULT_MINIMUM_SIZE)
Node Spacing 20
Omit Node Micro Layout false
Padding new ElkPadding(20)
Port Label Placement PortLabelPlacement.outside()
Position Constraint -1
Position Constraint false
Priority 1
Search Order TreeifyingOrder.DFS
Separate Connected Components true
Topdown Hierarchical Node Aspect Ratio 1.414
Topdown Hierarchical Node Width 150
Topdown Layout false
Topdown Node Type TopdownNodeTypes.HIERARCHICAL_NODE
Topdown Scale Factor 1
Tree Level 0
Weighting of Nodes OrderWeighting.MODEL_ORDER