CIF examples

CIF ships with several examples and benchmark models. To obtain these examples, follow these steps:

  • Start the Eclipse ESCET IDE.

  • Click File  New  Example…​.

  • Select CIF Examples or CIF Benchmarks and click Next.

  • Choose the name of the new project that will be created.

  • Choose a location for the new project, on your hard disk. If you leave the Use default location option enabled, the new project will be created in workspace directory. See the Eclipse ESCET documentation for more information on workspaces.

  • Click Finish to create the new project, and fill it with the examples.

For new releases of CIF, the examples may change. The examples project that you previously created won’t be automatically updated. You can however go through the steps again, and get a second project, with the new examples. The version of the release is included in the suggested project name, allowing multiple example projects for different releases.

Most examples also include a ToolDef script (.tooldef file) that can be used to perform various tasks, such as simulation. To execute such a script, right click a .tooldef file an choose Execute ToolDef. Alternatively, select the file and press F10.

For the following examples, additional information is available: