Java compiler

The simulator internally generates Java code from the CIF model. This code is compiled using a Java compiler and executed. Code generation and compilation result in faster simulation. However, compilation itself also takes time. The time it takes to compile is different for different Java compilers.

Using the Java Compiler option (Compiler category), the Java compiler implementation to use, can be configured. We currently provide two different Java compilers:

The names given above, in parentheses, indicate the command line option values to use for selecting the different compilers.

In general, the JDK compiler is faster for small CIF models, while the Eclipse compiler is faster for larger CIF models. By default, the JDK compiler is used.

The Java Compiler option has no effect when simulating using a compiled code file (e.g. a .cifcode file) for repeated simulations, or when debugging generated code by enabling the Load debug code option (Simulator category).