Debug console output

The following types of debug output are available:

Debug output option

In the option dialog, each of the different types of output can be enabled and disabled individually (Debug output option, Output category).

From the command line, using the -d or --debug option, the names of the different types of debug output, as specified between square brackets, should be used, separated by commas. By default, i.e. when not using the -d or --debug option, all debug output is disabled. As an example, consider -d parser,svg or --debug=parser,svg. Debug output is printed for the parser (due to parser) and CIF/SVG declarations (due to svg).

Specifying an output type twice leads to a warning being printed to the console.

Enabling any debug output, automatically changes the output mode to 'debug mode'.


If profiling is enabled, all debug output is automatically disabled. That is, profiling suppresses all debug output.